Mami Fondue Set from Alessi designed by Giovannoni Stefano

Mami Fondue Set from Alessi designed by Giovannoni Stefano
Photo above shows the beautiful Alessi Mami fondue set
(plus wooden turning tray, plus six ceramic bowls and fondue forks – available separately)

Alessi fondue

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Project: SG56 – Mami, fondue set

SG56 – Mami, fondue set
Fondue set composed of:
– casserole with long handle in ceramic
– cast-iron holder
– heat diffusing plate in aluminium
– burner and tray in 18/10 stainless steel


Code: SG56/260 B
Designer: Giovannoni Stefano
Packaging: 1 piece in a box
Capacity: 260 cl
Diameter: 23 cm
Dimensions: h. 21 cm

About the designer: Giovannoni Stefano was born in La Spezia in 1954 and is an architect and designer. His explosive talent, able to embody the complex system of “affective codes” in his projects, won him the title of best “Super & Popular” designer of the 2000’s.

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Mami Fondue Set from Alessi designed by Giovannoni Stefano

Fondue sets are on another planet in the complex universe of kitchen utensils. There are lots of types of fondue, quite different from each other and rooted in quite different culinary cultures. All fondues share the same cooking method (which varies from simmering to slow frying or melting) that is achieved with a casserole or a pot placed over a heat source that is taken directly to the table. On the basis of these differing needs, our aim in the project of the “Mami” fondue set was to create a truly complete system of objects for all aspects of this type of cooking. In fact, the small tray base and stand with diffuser plate complete with burner (which operates both with paste and with alcohol) may be combined with the classic, long-handled steel casserole, with heat-diffusing base (which functions on all types of heat sources, including induction plates), typical of the Bourguignonne fondue, as well as the traditional stove-top ceramic casserole, ideal for cheese and for chocolate fondues. There are also two types of fork: those with two beak-headed prongs (for meat) and those with three prongs, with widened palms (for cheeses, chocolate and whatever else needs to be put together each time, even for just a part of the sauce). The system is completed by a “Lazy Susan”, a huge, wood revolving container for the complete set, with small stainless steel and ceramic sauce bowls.

Mami Fondue Set from Alessi designed by Giovannoni Stefano

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