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Fondue gel cartridges and chafing fuel:

Kitchen Craft Fondue Gel Fuel (3 pack) Fondue Gel Pack (3 Pack)

Kitchen Craft fondue fuel:

You can find this Kitchen Craft 3 pack of fondue gel fuel (shown above) on Amazon (via Marketplace sellers) for around £3/£4. It seems to do the trick and lasts around 3 hours according to one reviewer.
Take your pick from the links below as Amazon has what looks like the same item (?) listed four times:

Stockist Catalogue Product Name Price  
Cook In Style Kitchen Craft Fondue Gel Fuel £5.99 Shop Now Master Class Cast Iron Meat / Cheese / Chocolate Fondue Set, 21 x 18 cm – Black £28.99 Shop Now Master Class Artesa Stainless Steel 6-Person Party Fondue Set £46.94 Shop Now Master Class Ceramic Artesa Cheese and Chocolate Fondue Set, Black £43.10 Shop Now KitchenCraft 3-in-1 Fondue Set (for Chocolate, Meat and Cheese Fondue) £23.74 Shop Now Master Class Copper Finish Artesa Hammered 6-Persons Fondue Set, Copper £79.99 Shop Now

We’ve also come across two alternatives to the Kitchen Craft product above – namely the gels from Fire Star and Bodum

Firestar fondue fuel:

fondue gel BOX OF 3 FUEL BURNERS [ 95 ml ETHANOL X 3 ] fondue gel BOX OF 3 FUEL BURNERS [ 95 ml ETHANOL X 3 ]

These are sold in either a 3-pack or a 6-pack
from an Amazon Marketplace seller (although I suspect the 6-pack might just be 2 lots of 3-packs, but it works out slightly cheaper to buy in bulk):

Alternatively you can buy this Firestar 3-pack from John Lewis for around £4.00

I also found a couple more items (see below) being sold as ‘Firestar’ products on Amazon Marketplace – on closer inspection they look like Swissmar Imports from the small product images provided (the image says ‘Swiss Fire Gel’), but I guess they do the same thing?! Note the different capacity though: 80g vs 95ml:

Firestar Fondue Gel 3 x 80g each

(NB: the 1-star Amazon review for this Firestar product seems a bit irrelevant/harsh as the reviewer complained the item arrived late, rather than commenting on the actual quality of the fuel cartridge)

I would say the best option is to go for the John Lewis Firestar 3-pack – it probably works out cheapest too, and less of a lottery than going down the Marketplace route :)

Bodum fondue fuel:

A third option is to consider this Bodum fondue gel fuel (3 pack)

Bodum Fondue gel fuel - for use with 5068 and 5070

Manufacturer’s Description: Spare gel Fuel
Product Description: Bodum 5073-00 Fondue Gel Fuel X3 – The Safe Fuel For Rechauds/Braziers Woks Warming Plates Etc – For All Fuel Burners – Made Of Biological Alcohol – Not Explosive – Non Toxic